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Ms. McCormick's Schoolnotes Webpage

Welcome to the Spanish Program. All students in grades K - 5 have Spanish once a week and grades 7-8 have Spanish classes three times a week. 


Students learn basic Spanish vocabulary and phrases through written work, song, video presentations and activities. The Spanish Class web page has helpful websites with flashcards and many review activities, as well as challenging information for students who want to learn ahead or who already are bilingual.

Here is a simple guide for pronunciation that you can use on the flash cards below.  The words are beginning phrases every student will be using.

Vowel sounds=
              a sounds like a in father
              e sounds like ay in day
              i sounds like ey in key
              o sounds like oa in boat
              u sounds like u in cute

b and v sound almost the same-use the b sound
ll sounds like a y
roll those rīs!!!

ņ is best described as saying the word "yuck" only put your tongue behind your teeth